Lets see if your Green Minded???

Its a food that I'm sure.

Kagawad Says: mukhang ba@#g nang horsey.

Pacman Says: Mukhang ginseng, inumin natin para maka tagal sa ring.

Krissy Says: I'm sorry, but Its sooo bastos, you ha! don't let me eat that.

Authors Note: Tagal akong hinde nag post tapos ito pa ipost ko. Hinde sya parte nang hayop, okay. Pagkain talaga sya, kung anu yan, hulaan nyo, hehehehe.

Piattos Cheese

Piattos Cheese

What they say: Just when you thought you had seen and tasted every snack imaginable – along comes Piattos! A breakthrough in potato snacks. So revolutionary, it can change the way snacks are enjoyed!

When you taste its rich flavor and feel its unique, thin texture, you’ll know why there’s no other snack like Piattos. With its light, crispy texture and distinctive taste, Piattos is a snacking treat for life’s pleasurable pauses.

What I say: Back when I am still young, we considered eating Piattos to be a luxury junk food; why? Back then, your 1 pesos will buy you a 30g Junk Food, when Piattos cost about 3-4 pesos for a 40g. I remember when you bring a Piattos during your fieldtrip, your like a cool kid owning a Ferrari.


Calories per 85g:
540 calories or equivalent to:
  • 1 serving of cooked corn beef
  • 1 cup of steam rice
How to burn the calories:

The kagawad way:
Taunt your neighbors rottweiler, make sure you are 7 meters away so to give you leverage when the dog started to come after you.

The pacman Way:
45 mins of Tai Chi
30 mins of casual walking
Do it atleast 3x a week

The krissy way:
Buy the cheapest Rolex (about 50,000php 2nd hand), wear it and every time you will look at it, shake your arms so everyone will notice it. People will not care if you’re a 250 pounder.

Side Note:
According to the ancient Chinese Feng Shui, you will be guaranteed to get 100 years of extreme good luck if you found a circle shape Piattos.