Chippy Chili & Cheese

Chippy Chili & Cheese

What they say: Guess there’s just no explaining the craving for the Chippy Chill ‘n Cheese from Jack ‘n Jill. It could be the original crunch that makes it everybody’s favorite. Or it could be the tongue tickling combination of spicy chili and real cheese. Maybe it’s the crunch and the flavor. Or the flavor and the crunch? Whatever Everybody just knows that when it comes to snacks, your instinct always cry out… Love ko talaga Chippy.

What I say: Oh you can taste the chili alright but I don’t know about the cheese part. Or maybe I haven’t tasted the type of cheese they put in it. Whatever it is, it has the signature sting on your tongue that every Chippy flavor has. I recommend eating Chippy Chili and Cheese with Jack ‘n Jill chocolate pretzel, it’s a perfect match even thou its sound not, but believe me you got to try it.


Calories per 110g:
1,080 calories or equivalent to:
  • 2 cups of steam rice
  • Full slab of pork baby back ribs without sauce
  • 2 servings Vanilla of ice cream
How to burn the calories:

The kagawad way:
Throw a shoe to a policeman and run. If he/she stop chasing you throw your another shoe. Try shouting to the policeman “get some backup”, this will force you to run faster.

The pacman way:
30 Mins of Aerobics (medium)
30 Mins of strength training (medium)
Do it 3x a week

The krissy way:
Eat 100 110g-packs; you will have enough fat and reason to have a liposuction.

Side Note:
Because of the blue color packaging of Chippy Chili & Cheeze, its rumored that De LaSalle University burned all the Chippy Chili & Cheeze in their canteen, when they lost the 71st UAAP basketball championship to Ateneo University.
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