Why waste my time???

We love to eat. (It’s a given fact, unless you’re a model were your agency tells you to starve yourself);

We know what we want to eat.

We even know what drinks to go when were eating.


Because its makes us feel good; even thou sooner or later you will ask for a Belo appointment (for our foreign friend, Belo is a famous beauty clinic here in the Philippines) or Google “how to loose weight”, or enroll to the gym telling your self its time to loose weight.

Diet to many is a harsh word, talk about diet and the first thing comes to your mind is slimming down, and to slim down you need to starve yourself. NOT!!!

I’m no nutritionist to let you know what you should eat, but what I can do for you is tell you things you should know about your everyday foods. You will not find long and boring articles here, but rather short and funny way(I hope), because it’s a Sin not to know what you’re eating.

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