Cheese Rings

Cheese Rings

What they say: No description - I guess they cannot find the right words to describe it.

What I say: This is one of the Junk Foods that I guess is for the masses; its cheap and taste good(you can really taste the cheese, actually its full of cheese). The texture remembers you of the old days, where there is a1 peso quality junk food available. By the way, this a good gateway junk food for the young one’s.


Calories per 85g:
440 calories or equivalent to:
  • 1 serving/slice of cheese cake
  • 21/2 cups of pineapple chunks
How to burn the calories:

The kagawad way:
Have a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend for 3 hours straight. Make sure you shout, cry, slam the door, and nag to maximize fat burning. (Don’t hit each other, remember your doing this to burn the fat)

The pacman Way:
15 mins of medium pace jogging
30 mins of brisk walking
Do it atleast 3x a week

The krissy way: Stay at home, watch celebrity gossips shows.

Side Note:
It is rumored that, when Mar cannot find a ring to propose to Korina, he uses Cheese Ring instead.

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