What they say: No manufacturer’s description(The simplicity of it, I guess the title describe it)

What I say: Oh yeah! The only Pinoy chocolate brand that is super popular yet you won’t see any commercials in any media. Rich or poor (except those people who think they Gossip Girl Socialites), loves to eat them. If you actually look at ingredients there’s nothing really special about it, all basic ingredient, yet the taste captures the tongue of the Pinoy. It always recommend to Pinoy OFW to bring a ChocNut before going abroad.

29.50php(24pcs or 240g)

Calories per 24pcs or 240g:
1,380 calories or equivalent to:
  • 3 slices of Greenwich Overloaded Extreme Cheese
  • 1 serving of Greenwich Lasagna
  • 1 medium size Coke
How to burn the calories:

The kagawad way:

Befriend a “Bombay”, every time you will eat, smell their underarm, your appetite will evaporate. (I hope my Bombay will not see this, he will not let me barrow money again.)

The pacman way:
Strength Training (Hard)
4 Rounds of any Interval Workout
Do it atleast 3x a week.

The krissy way:
Bring a rig weighing scale where ever you go, just make sure its rig to make you atleast 20 pounds lighter. (Make sure that no one steps on the weighing scale but you, it will break the illusion.)

Side Note:
ChocNut is so addicting, it’s called the chocolate flavored cocaine. I know some people who actually sniff ChocNut.

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