Lays Classic

Lays Classic

What they say: Wherever smiles happen and happiness is celebrated, you’ll find Lay’s potato chips. From backyard BBQs and birthday parties to 4th of July picnics, Lay’s chips are there to share the moment. It’s no wonder these deliciously fresh-tasting and perfectly crispy potato chips have been America’s favorite snack for more than 75 years.

What I say: Lays Classic is one of those chips that are really good partnered with a dip, because of the plainness of the flavor. If eaten alone, you can really taste the flavor of the potato. For me personally I don’t like the plainness of the flavor, maybe next time I will eat the flavored one. Better share this one, this one packs a lot of calories.



Calories per 6.50oz:
1,680 calories or equivalent to:
  • 1 liter of Sprite
  • Big Mac with small fires
  • 1 Krispy Kreme Doughnut
How to burn the calories:

The kagawad way:
Have your own sex scandal; because of the stress and depression you will get, you’ll never be able to eat for atleast 1 month. You will be amaze how many pound will be shed, don’t believe me, try it.

The pacman way:

30 mins of boxing workout
10 mins Abs workout
30 mins of Strength training (medium)
Do it atleast 3x a week

The krissy way:
Have your Sony Vaio Laptop, go to Starbucks, order a large coffee and pretend your surfing the net using their free WiFi. People will think you’re smart and cool, and not fa

Side Note:
There is story that a girlfriend demands to his boyfriend to get an unsalted Lays chips; what the boyfriend did, he bought Lays Classics and let is dog lick every chips to remove the salty taste, eeewwwww!!!.

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